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Underneath It All Is A Natural Beauty Part II (Q&A With Kerrie Yeung)

Wednesday 31 July 2013

 A continuation from an article found here, I am intrigued to find out more about the designer behind the Originals Collection. Kerrie Yeung kindly took time out from her busy schedule to answer quickfire questions.

1. What made you aspire to become a jewellery designer?
During my first year at RISD, I was still trying to figure out which craft I really wanted to get into. When I took an introduction to jewelry class,I knew I found it. I loved using my hands to create very detailed, intricate work. I was also attracted to the sentimentality of jewelry. People give jewelry to commemorate special occasions and milestones, and I wanted to be a part of that in some way.  Most people think of jewelry as just an accessory, but I think jewelry is more than that and can serve as a daily reminder of a wonderful memory.

2.Your Originals Collection is well-loved by those who came across your jewellery. What do you think made you stand out from other jewellery designers?
There’s a lot of work out there right now that subscribe to the idea that bigger or more is better, and there’s definitely a place for that. But I tend to gravitate towards simple and classic shapes, so my work reflects that minimalist sensibility.

3. What was the hardest thing you have to overcome in the industry
Personally, finding your own voice can be difficult. In terms of business aspects, the hurdles will always be getting a firm grasp of the market and knowing how to get your work out there.

4. Jewellery tends to have a variety of audience it caters to. Describe the person wearing one of your jewellery. Who could they be?
I created this collection for the person who really appreciates simple but well-made things. Someone who believes in quality over quantity, and is looking for refined, handmade staples that she can wear everyday.

5.The jewellery industry is progressive and constantly coming up with new ideas and trends. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
In 5 year, I see myself still creating and expanding collections that hopefully inspire people. I’d like to see the Originals Collection in 5 years and still find it relevant. I appreciate new ideas and love innovation, but I’m also a bit traditional, so I want to create timeless pieces.

6. Are there any advice you could give to young upstarts in the jewellery industry?
I’m still working on this myself, but don’t be afraid to share your work with people. They want to know what you’re up to! And it’s always great to get an outside perspective.

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Underneath It All Is A Natural Beauty

Monday 29 July 2013

Simple, elegant and modern jewellery is how I would describe my personal style of choice. Though I may experiment with jewellery that veers from the delightfully impractical cube bangle to a dangerous looking double spike finger ring (cue instagram) ultimately I like to stick to refined and simplistic designs that can be worn with high frequency and I continuously seek those who create designs that fits within this criteria.

  Thereby I introduce jewellery designer of the moment Kerrie Yeung who certainly ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the everyday jewellery concept; stackable, compatible and classical. Rhode Island School of Design alumini Kerrie Yeung has been trending like wildfire in the blogosphere since the launch of her new online jewellery website only a matter of weeks ago and since then it has been a love-fest amongst bloggers and jewellery lovers alike. The modern elegance of her intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship has received utmost recognition in this small yet strong community.

Inspiration is considerably close to home when it comes to the awakening of Kerrie's first jewellery debut The Originals Collection. Drawn to the simpler and natural things in life, it is rather ironic that Kerrie is hailed from the hustle and bustle of New York; the city that never sleeps. She uses the restlessness and energy of New York City with its accompanying skyscrapers and bright lights to completely strip it down to its bare essentials and thus revealing its raw and organic form. By focusing on clean architectural lines and natural patterns she allows the wearer to begin the story with a blank canvas. 

Rather than searching high and low for inspiration, she uses things at her disposal; by seeing beauty in everything and by using her own unique interpretation of the wonders of the city. Despite its natural form, her work is intricately detailed and with a high degree of complexity and deliberation. 

Personally, her silver faceted bar ring is arguably a stand-out piece from her Originals Collection. Rough yet delicate, the ring is highly textured with distinguishing marks and grooves. The faceted ring is inspired by the idea of diamonds; each and every one has its own identity and uniqueness. That concept alone is enough for the person to treasure this one-of-a-kind timeless beauty.

Please check out her collection:

My favourite: Silver bar faceted ring
 All Images from Kerrie Yeung

Stack-O-Metre Bracelet Edition: How high can you go?

Tuesday 23 July 2013

My love for stackable jewellery trend is well and truly documented on this blog and on instagram. Gold against silver, dainty against the bulk, refined against the rough and texture against the smoothness, the more we diversify the composition the better. Layering jewellery upon jewellery provides us a sense of individuality that no one else is wearing the very same piece. Sure you might be able to spot an odd H&M bangle here and there but by piling on the layers the style is entirely of your own creation. We layer depending on our moods, our spontaneity and our sense of adventure. We layer to build a chapter to create a story. Is there a limit to how many you can stack? The real question is, how far can you go?   


All images from Pinterest

Rock It! Mei-Li Rose Fabulous Nomad Cuff

Friday 19 July 2013

3. Isn't this fabulous? As you can see I am cuff-obssessed at this current time and I can't help but adore this Navajo-inspired cuff. Admirable simplicity yet with a hidden mathematical intricacy, it is wearable everyday, anyday. Made in sterling silver with polished/matt/antique finishing. 

Cuff by: Mei-Li Rose

Rock It! Hannah Martin Gold Spur Ring

Wednesday 17 July 2013

2. Futuristic and fierce-looking, this limited edition spur ring needs a serious warning sign; it has a dangerous pull of temptation. State of the art piece and sculpturally elegant. It is made in 18ct yellow gold.

Photo 1-3: Hannah Martin London  
Ring by: Hannah Martin London

Rihanna's Rockin' Jewels at Wireless Festival 2013

Tuesday 16 July 2013

 Rihanna's unexpected appearance at London's Wireless festival caused a frenetic stir not only for avid music fans but for our keen jewellery magpies. Honestly where do I begin; her layered assortment of contemporary jewellery were ultra cool and fabulously plentiful altering from an otherwise summer-casual monochrome outfit to a festival-goer rock/biker chic with an edge.

It's proven to be quite a mission to figure out the origin to every pieces worn but a website entirely devoted to Rhianna's sense of style hausofrihanna spotted a couple of rings from online jewellery boutique Fallon that focuses on chunky, elaborate and conceptual punk/rock/biker chic collections. From their Classique collection the Microspike and Spike rings she wore are both made of gold plated brass with Swarovski crystals. Wear it individually for modern-punk elegance or layer it on like Rihanna to completely transform to a biker-chic-knuckle-duster-do-not-mess-with-me look. Phew.

That being said, I adore the heavily layered density of the diverse composition/texture of her bracelets and the chunky set body chain (seems to be all the rage these days). Everything is so amazingly well put together that a confusing mixture of admiration/jealously ensues (but just a tad).

Image: (Classique Microspike ring)
Image: (Classique Spike Ring)

Image: xposure


Rock it: Mecurialist's Brass Wrist Cuff

Saturday 13 July 2013

  A start to the new Rock It post category that showcases my instant finds created by independent jewellery designers from all corners of the globe. Jewellery that are cutting edge, unique, unusual, contemporary or just fabulous to look at and possibly added to your wishlist. I begin with this statement piece:

1. Minimalistic and edgy, inspired by Mayan body art and Aztec tattos. A definite show off piece.  

Photo 1: Boticca
  Photo 2: Cup of Couple
 Photo 3: Tuulavintage
Cuff by: Mercurialist

A Ring is Worth a Thousand Words...

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Vara single point ring from Roam/Remain collection

 It's wonderful how the use of social media can allow you to come across new discoveries and unearth natural talents from across the globe. I set up my instagram account 3 weeks ago and was delightfully bombarded with images of fantastic jewellery designs which feasted my appetite for stackable jewellery pieces, particularly stackable finger adornments.

 Amandex Jex is one particular instances of my new found discoveries. Hailing from the prairies of Alberta, Canada; her extensive travels to all corners of the globe gave her endless inspirations and creative possibilities. Her collections are modern, feminine and evoke innate curiosities of the wonders of the natural world. However, her Roam/Remain collection caught my admiration of her talent as a designer and storyteller. It comprises mainly of fair trade, organic and found items from wondrous locations such as India, Mexico, Greece and Peru. An individual is not just wearing a piece of jewellery; what they have in their possession is a piece of story; a journey to the unknown that needs to be told. 

The Vara single point ring is part of her Roam/Remain collection and my absolute favourite. It is inspired by her travels in Northern India. The structural shape of this ring is indicated by the form of a mountainous top, temples and ancient structures encountered. The band is delicate and refined yet structurally sustainable with regular wearability. It is available in brushed gold finish in solid brass and also in sterling silver. 

       What goes really well with the Vara single point ring is the Amarantos 1st and 2nd knuckle ring, also part of her Roam/Remain collection. The hammered finishing of the Amarantos (which means unfading) represents the rippling effect of the Silurian waves off the coast of Mykonos in Greece. Stack them up to create the repetitiveness of the waves created by its natural environment.

 Although pictures are worth a thousand words; wearing a memory is something else.

Her poetically-worded website can be found here: Jexshop  


All images from and

Hidden gems...

Friday 5 July 2013

Prior to the launch on 9th July 2013, I had a sneak peek of a new online marketplace Gem Alley that supports and showcases independent and emerging jewellery designers to the world. Without giving too much away, each and every collection has a unique story to tell, are there to inspire and an appreciation of the modern talents we have at our disposal.  

Without much further ado, here are a few selected pieces I've painstakingly picked out, but believe you me, it wasn't easy. There are appropriately 25 independent jewellery designers and over 200 individual pieces ready for launch. However, after previewing the site's interactive content and exciting ideas as opposed to just a 'click and purchase' format, I believe the numbers will grow. I am counting the days...  

Renaissance Rebel II statement bangle by Rosie Sanders
Renaissance Rebel II Pompadour signet ring by Rosie Sanders
Perspex Cuff by Anna Byers
Hexagon ring in silver by Anna Byers
Flooded bangle from the O Collection by Hayley Gerry
Rebellion collection by Majdan Rocks


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