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#8 Jewellery Instagram Accounts to Follow

Thursday 11 December 2014

Another Feather    

 Described as 'jewellery for the non-jewellery wearer', there's no necessary requirement to be a jewellery lover to follow Another Feather. Filled with wonderful thematic and home-some visuals of perfectly positioned minimalist jewellery in satisfying abundance in between images of her travels, food, home life and everyday objects, each image has a narrative and cosy feel. You can't help but feel a sense of nostalgic warmth.  

Ryan Storer 
I was overly charmed by the understated romanticism of Ryan Storer's floating pearl aesthetics. Cultivating traditional pearls with contemporary yet sleek designs, the Broken collection segment is something I will forever be entranced by. I am thoroughly excited by what Storer will reveal next.


I've followed Ruifier's progress before their official launch back in September 2013 after their signature Icon ring first caught my love and attention. The collections are stylishly presented without losing its sense of fun and enjoyment, which is the embodiment of Ruifier jewellery.

V Jewellery
 It's quite rare to find timeless and intricate jewellery staples that you could also lounge at home in. V Jewellery shows you how to stylishly layer on vintage inspired designs with a modern yet understated attire. Oh and have you seen the sword ring yet? 


Clean, slick and with stark monochrome tendencies, Moxham visuals are akin to visiting contemporary art galleries with a 'white cube' vibe. The wearable constructive pieces are large and bold yet creatively molded to attire with clever dressing of clean lines and understated garments.

Jenny Sweetnam 

 Minimalist yet visually bold, Jenny Sweetnam provides a subtle sneak peek of her studio space by showcasing her aptly placed tools, materials and inspirations as a little teaser of what's to come. Not only that, I couldn't get enough of her geometric statement jewellery.

Lady Artigas 

Beautifully ethereal and in a constant dream-like state when viewing upon her jewels, Lady Artigas narrates a beautiful story through her delicate and minimalist collections. 


I will not wear anymore boring rings is the perfect motto for Kattri's beautifully rich and striking statement rings that will wow you from the get go if you're a appreciator for clean lines and bold geometry. Influenced by minimal art movement of the 60s and 70s with a fusion of modern art.


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