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/Jewellery Crush/ Sarah Brown Jewellery Seaforest Ring

Saturday 30 May 2015

Inspiration: Scottish heritage, Islay, rugged coastlines, underwater forest, nature, memories of island legends, tales of creatures beneath the sea, sense of the unknown, innate curiosity
Style: Alternative engagement ring, organic, detailed
Ring: Oval grey diamond set in 18ct white gold 

/Jewellery Crush/ Cinnamon Lee Solitaire 3 Ring

Thursday 28 May 2015

Inspiration: Symbolism, discreet treasures
Style: Geometric, minimalism, futuristic
Ring: 0.35ct Australian sapphire from Lava Plains, Queensland, white gold

In The Loop: Dorota Todd Jewellery Interview

Monday 25 May 2015

 With a background in architecture and design, London based jewellery designer Dorota Todd utilises her experience and expertise to pursue her real passion in designing and making jewellery. Inspired by geometric forms and modern architecture, her newest collection Loop has a hint of elegant playfulness and fluid femininity that adds character to overall attire, wavy and swirly lines that has endless possibilities of adornment. My favourite collection has to be the Pearl collection, satisfying my current obsession with the merging of classic pearls with contemporary and minimalist designs, creating a sharp contrast between the two yet with strong compatibility. Adorning Dorota Todd jewellery ensures the wearer to feels confident, glamorous and empowered. Here I speak to Dorota about the transition from architecture to jewellery, the story behind her current collection and her future aspirations.

1.  What inspired you to become a jewellery designer? How does your previous background as an architect play into your decision?

For me, it is all intertwined. I design jewellery around the human body.  It is the same as designing space and structures around people and human interactions – I design jewellery in a similar way. The scale, of course, has changed – and on this level I have more freedom and total control over the product. I’ve always enjoyed creating things with my hands, and I love the process of physically working on a new piece to  perfect it. I find this calming and rewarding.

2.  Your jewellery is inspired by geometric forms, what is your personal story regarding this theme?

I grew up in an area surrounded by both industrial architecture and stunning modernist buildings. Both beautiful and harsh at the same time. I suspect these have been huge influences in my approach to design.

Yet again, my architectural background plays a big part in the form of my jewellery. The geometric forms create a clean, simple structure.

3. What is the inspiration behind your Loop and Pearl collections?

My latest collection – Loop – was in part inspired by the Roman arch, which I later considerably deconstructed. While it is still geometrical, I wanted this to be more fluid, curvy – and feminine.

The Pearl pieces, meanwhile, are showcasing the natural beauty of pearls with the least intrusion. These are simple, quiet and strong at the same time.

But the truth is that I find it hard to single out one source for my inspiration – it comes from everywhere.                        

4. Describe the creative and technical stages of making your jewellery pieces. What is the hardest and most enjoyable part of the process?

When I want to capture a thought or something I see, I start sketching. This is the most difficult part, deciding on one idea.

From here, I take some metal and play with it, constructing a piece that I will then keep trying on myself. When I’m happy with this stage, I start refining the new design.

The moment I most enjoy is when I look at the finished piece and think, “I cannot wait to wear it!”

5. What is your favourite jewellery piece/s at the moment from your collection. What do you wear all the time?

My favourite rings are Double Ring and Love Ring from the Pearl collection, which I like stacking together. Earrings – Pearl Duo and Long Earrings from Loop.
These are the ones I wear all the time.
For going out, I love the Loop Gold Choker and Loop Gold Bangle.

  6. If you're not making jewellery what do you do in your spare time?

Having two kids, keeps me busy. Architecture and design, however, are real passions, so I spend as much time as I can researching and visiting new buildings and exhibitions. 

7. Social media is still relatively a new tool to promote brand awareness in the jewellery industry. How do you utilise this platform to your advantage? What is your favourite platform?

My favourite social media at the moment are Instagram and Pinterest.  

8. Describe the person wearing your collection.

They are open-minded, adventurous, playful – and someone who cares about beautiful objects.

9. Is there a jewellery designer or influential public figure you look up to the most?

I admire people who push boundaries and fight for what they believe in, those who shake and shape the world – social entrepreneurs and activists, such as Leila Janah, who has developed non-profit businesses that use technology to give work to women and young people living in poverty.

 10. If there is a brand or a person you could collaborate a new collection with who would it be and why?

Stella McCartney – I would love to collaborate with her. 

11. 5 words to describe your jewellery.


12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I have lots of ideas and plans for Dorota Todd Jewellery. Gaining a bigger audience is key to progress, and I’m in the process of expanding my stockists in the UK and overseas.

/Jewellery Crush/ Phoebe Porter 5 grams necklace

Sunday 24 May 2015

Inspiration: Mechanism, industry processes, pure precision
Style: More is less, geometric, simplicity, weightlessness
Necklace: Aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, 920 gold

Rock It! Jane Gowans Gold Matilda Ring

Tuesday 12 May 2015

In the midst of the stacking/layering jewellery phase we've encountered and embraced in the last several decades or so we are now seeing jewellery designers subtly veering away from this craze (the necessity of purchasing additional jewellery to create the desired effect) to design a piece with an all-in-one approach. This Gold Matilda statement ring from Jane Gowans Matchsticks collection is one of a few ingenious examples of successfully achieving this concept. This exciting geometric-inspired handmade ring reminds me of a contemporary sculpture you see in modern art galleries and provokes abstract curiosity, evoking images of head casually leaned to the side and pondering the thoughts of the creator. It has a hint of playfulness with its imperfectly stacking aesthetic whilst remaining clean and orderly simultaneously. 

From a seemingly ordinary and humble idea transformed into an extraordinary wearable art, it is to be enjoyed everyday, for every occasion. 


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