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Rock It! Hunter Gatherer Zeus Ring

Tuesday 30 June 2015

Named after the god of thunder, Hunter Gatherer founder Laura Prieto-Velasco designed the original Zeus ring as a wedding ring, interlocking with her husband's ring to symbolise their juxtaposed union. Dramatic and minimalist, the Zeus ring is created using fabricated and hammered copper with matte black powder coated finish, suitably complementing a contemporary nomadic lifestyle whose choice is to distance themselves from the greater norm. Hunter and Gatherer seeks to challenge the wearer into unleashing their individual and critical thinking about jewellery as a stepping stone for the conscious living and allowing the wearer to delve deep in history, as opposed to a reflection of ever-changing trends.

Rock It! Wolf and Sadie Oscuro Neck Cuff

Thursday 25 June 2015

 Curved somewhat menacingly around the neck, this bold yet minimal neck cuff from the Eclisse collection follows the contours of the neck and collar bone - a revealing and sensuous part of the female body. The satin hand polished finish to the neck adornment is deliberate in a way of hinting intentional imperfections and manipulations to symbolically mirror natural, decaying landscape that is wounded in battles throughout history. The name Oscuro is derived from Italian "casting shadows", emulating the shade and obscurity of an eclipse. The aesthetic and the narrative behind the neck adornment evokes a beautifully dark piece of art. 

Ode to Form: Oform Interview

Monday 22 June 2015

With mesmerising shapes and forms, OFORM is an up and coming jewellery brand that is certainly one to watch in the geometric-sphere world of minimalist jewellery design. Based in the Netherlands, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Naomi Bijlefield has combined sleek geometrics with jewellery design that is simultaneously compatible, adaptable and innovative. OFORM's collection of acrylate rings, marble bracelets and stainless steel necklaces is a visual symbol of unspoken languages. It is wonderfully elegant yet playful.

Here I speak to Bijlefield about the use of geometry as an inspiration for her label, the creative and technical process to create her unique designs and future aspirations for OFORM.

1. What inspired you to become a jewellery designer? Was there a moment when you decided this is what you wanted to do?

I never thought that I would be a jewellery designer because I studied The Design Acadmey in Eindhoven in The Netherlands and I graduate as a product designer. My jewelry are accidentally created. I was working on a design of a clock. I always make scale models of the product that I'm designing because that's easier to work. when I saw one of my scale models I thought " that could be a nice ring" So for this is more a form-language that I translate in a jewelry collection. Now I'm working on a tableware collection in the same form-language. But I realy like the jewelry and the fashion site of the design so I will continue with this aswell.

2.  Your jewellery is inspired by geometry and forms, what is your personal story regarding these themes?

Because I'm a product designer I designed these jewelry from a totally different perspective. Also the way that I make it is 1 of the reasons why my collection is so geometric. I designed it from a 2d perspective. So for me this is a form-language what I translated in a jewelry. 
3. Describe the creative and technical stages of making your jewellery pieces. What is the hardest and most enjoyable part of the process? 

 You have to be an all-rounder to start on your own. It’s not only about designing. You have to think about photography, graphic design, website, packaging, production process, finding shops, fairs, expositions, press etc. I think all those aspects are the most challenging for me.  

The most enjoyable part for me is designing new products and photographing them of course. But I do also like it to organize everything and it gives me a good feeling when everything is running smoothly. 

4. What is your favourite jewellery piece/s at the moment from your collection. What do you wear all the time?

My new bracelets are now my favourite and No.2 is the one that I wear the most. 

 5. If you're not making jewellery what do you do in your spare time?
My work is my hobby so I'm always busy with my work. But next to the jewellery I'm working on different design projects.
And in my spare time I love to travel and to discover a nice city and also cooking is a hobby of me. But I think that's the same thing as designing : )

6. Social media is still relatively a new tool to promote brand awareness in the jewellery industry. How do you utilise this platform to your advantage? What is your favourite platform?
Because I'm not a jewelry designer but more a product designer is social media not that new for me. But I think it's is a vergy good tool to show your designs. I prefer Instagram because you can also make some nice behind the scene shots and it is a realy good way to find new contacts or shops. 

7. Describe the person wearing your collection.

A women with a minimalistic but outspoken style. 

8. Is there a jewellery designer or influential public figure you look up to the most? 

My inspiration comes from geometric and patterns from the nature. Also the designer Ettorra Sottsass is an inspiration for me. 

9. If there is a brand or a person you could collaborate a new collection with who would it be and why?

That's hard to tell because there are a lot of brands that I like for a collaboration. But from The Netherlands that would be Mae Engeleer or Studio Ruig but also a brand like Nike. 

10. 5 words to describe your jewellery.
geometric, elegance, minimalistic, simplicity

11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I hope that I will launch the collection 5.0 of OFORM. I hope to work/design together with designers or company's to create a line with them or for them. Now I have my place in the design world and I hope in 5 years that I also will have my spot in the fashion world. 

/Jewellery Crush/ Monocrafft E Necklet

Monday 15 June 2015

Inspirations: Shadows, patterns, architecture
Style: Edgy, sexy, cool, minimalist, timeless
Necklace: Handmade from Sterling silver

Rock It! 32.4 Fatal Find Two Part Rings

Tuesday 9 June 2015

32.4 fatal find rings x rockin' that gem blog

32.4 fatal find rings x rockin' that gem blog

Who doesn't love a piece of jewellery that is ultimately, two in one? This aptly named Fatal Find rings are sophisticated with a contemporary edge. Inspired by shapes, curves and simplicity luxe, these rings can be worn in a variety of ways depending on your mood, creativity and style. Don't assume the two rings slots together, it doesn't. The larger ring sits as a regular ring whereas the smaller ring is worn as a midi or pinky ring, allowing you to experiment and interchange throughout.


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