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Underneath It All Is A Natural Beauty

Monday 29 July 2013

Simple, elegant and modern jewellery is how I would describe my personal style of choice. Though I may experiment with jewellery that veers from the delightfully impractical cube bangle to a dangerous looking double spike finger ring (cue instagram) ultimately I like to stick to refined and simplistic designs that can be worn with high frequency and I continuously seek those who create designs that fits within this criteria.

  Thereby I introduce jewellery designer of the moment Kerrie Yeung who certainly ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the everyday jewellery concept; stackable, compatible and classical. Rhode Island School of Design alumini Kerrie Yeung has been trending like wildfire in the blogosphere since the launch of her new online jewellery website only a matter of weeks ago and since then it has been a love-fest amongst bloggers and jewellery lovers alike. The modern elegance of her intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship has received utmost recognition in this small yet strong community.

Inspiration is considerably close to home when it comes to the awakening of Kerrie's first jewellery debut The Originals Collection. Drawn to the simpler and natural things in life, it is rather ironic that Kerrie is hailed from the hustle and bustle of New York; the city that never sleeps. She uses the restlessness and energy of New York City with its accompanying skyscrapers and bright lights to completely strip it down to its bare essentials and thus revealing its raw and organic form. By focusing on clean architectural lines and natural patterns she allows the wearer to begin the story with a blank canvas. 

Rather than searching high and low for inspiration, she uses things at her disposal; by seeing beauty in everything and by using her own unique interpretation of the wonders of the city. Despite its natural form, her work is intricately detailed and with a high degree of complexity and deliberation. 

Personally, her silver faceted bar ring is arguably a stand-out piece from her Originals Collection. Rough yet delicate, the ring is highly textured with distinguishing marks and grooves. The faceted ring is inspired by the idea of diamonds; each and every one has its own identity and uniqueness. That concept alone is enough for the person to treasure this one-of-a-kind timeless beauty.

Please check out her collection:

My favourite: Silver bar faceted ring
 All Images from Kerrie Yeung

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