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When Ancient Meets the Modern | Tessa Blazey

Wednesday 10 February 2016

 I am still on the continuous journey of exploring the concept of perfect imperfections in the creative and ideological world of jewellery design; how the two words contradict each other when used in the same sentence yet so curiously befitting in describing certain pieces, for example, Melbourne based contemporary jewellery designer Tessa Blazey's wonderfully captivating collection of bespoke wearable art. As I absorb the enticing visuals of her work in a wide-eyed gaze, I would define her work as perfect, yet simultaneously there is a sense of rawness about her work; the deliberate misshapen forms, rough textures and unpolished organic gemstones - a collection of definitive beauty at a natural state. It is perfect because of the intricate craftsmanship, a hint of laborious touch and of course, one-of-a-kind.  

 Tessa's work reveals her fascination with geometry and the structures and landscapes of crystal specimens through mimicry and transformation. The outcome of each and every one of her pieces appears ancient yet with futuristic togetherness, allowing her designs to create new connection with the wearer whilst merging with their unique personalities.


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