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Torn: Seth Papac Jewelry

Thursday 28 April 2016

The Torn collection is truly a labour of love for the internationally renowned jewellery artist Seth Papac. Unbeknownst to jewellery novices, the signature collection is skilfully shaped with at least ten touches, including the creation of a sterling silver ingot, compression, tearing, shaping, soldering, texturing, polishing, sanding, hardening, treating, oxidising and so much more going into the painstaking process of turning ordinary block of metal into a piece of powerful wearable art.

The core philosophy of Seth Papac Jewellery is seeking beauty from unconventional objects, against the perceived ideal of common jewellery aesthetics and concept. The Torn collection is visually striking for its uniqueness and individuality; the roughened, deliberately carefree jagged edges provide each piece a personality and story of its own. The jewellery is not aimed solely towards savvy, trendsetting and artistic jewellery types, it is suitable for those who dares to explores the realms of the experimental and the unknown.

My favourite piece from the Torn collection is most definitely the Phoenix hoops, which conveys a certain vibe of 'I am at the center of attention and there is nothing you can do about it' stance. It has a transformative appeal, capable of turning ordinary individuals into an audacious, confident and edgy power player. 

The message is clear; go bold or get out.

/Jewellery Crush/ Hannah Bedford Scattered Granule Ring

Monday 25 April 2016

Inspiration: Organic growth patterns in natural world
Style: Granulation, texture, simplicity, organic, forms
Ring: 18ct gold ring with gold granules

Rock It! Chayle Infinity Hammered Oval Studs

Monday 11 April 2016

“Capturing the simplicity and modern elegance of hammered precious metals.”

- Chayle Cook 

Nature is predominately the main source of inspiration for Jewellery Designer Chayle Cook, and to narrow down the vastity of this source she took a particular interest in the growth patterns of lichens, how they curl and overlap in its orderly chaos and the geometric qualities that derives from them.

 The Hammered Oval studs from the Infinity collection is elegant and graceful with its gentle curves, whilst adding a touch of subtlety and boldness simultaneously. 


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