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Rock It! Edgy Goddess Cleopatra Cuff by Monica Sordo

Monday 16 December 2013

It's not everyday where you would describe mundane industrial parts as cutting edge jewellery trend that is simultaneously wearable yet memorable, that is until Monica Sordo came along. Her sleek and distinctive cuff, inspired by nature and metropolitan living, has that visual representation of domination and power, hence naming the cuff Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, ruler of country and the hearts of powerful men. Enough said.

Set in 18ct gold plated brass with silver spikes; I love how Monica thoughtfully created a cuff that modes to the wearer's arm for the perfect fit, a bold statement jewellery that would offset any outfit for any occasion. 

A cuff fitting for a modern goddess. In our mind that is.

Rock It! Run the World with Laruicci Man Eater Claw Ring

Wednesday 11 December 2013

This lethal-looking ring looks like a piece of fashionable weaponry with intent; evoking style and danger; fashionably dangerous perhaps? This midi claw ring extends to your fingertips when flexed and transforms into a feisty claw when clenched; an alternative and edgier version of the ever popular (yet girly) midi rings. Known to be worn by Beyonce in her official Run the World (Girls) video, the message is crystal clear with a capital C. Wear this during glamorous and fun-filled girl's night out and deter the guys with a point of the finger; you mean business. 

Image: laruicci

Q&A with Heart & Noble's Cristina Gabriele

Tuesday 3 December 2013

2013 has certainly been a breakthrough year for Heart & Noble's founder and designer Cristina Gabriele. Launched in the summer of 2012, she joined Wolf and Badger, a revolutionary concept store that provides a retail platform for emerging independent designers in store and online. In addition to this exciting development Cristina has moved to New York to develop the brand to the US market; a rather hectic yet exciting times ahead. Her unique Cable Tie collection is inspired by her love for industrial designs and everyday objects, turning them into a stunning array of wearable yet luxurious uni-sex jewellery collection. I caught up with Cristina as she took some time out from her busy schedule to discuss the ethos of her brand and the art of setting up a jewellery business.

1.) How did you come up with the name Heart & Noble? What is the concept and inspiration behind it?
The name evolved one creative evening in Dalston, largely thanks to a conversation I had with my dear friend Gerry Duffy. I felt the epithet Heart & Noble embodied everything I would want to represent as a brand; warmth and virtue, passion and honour. It reveals the soul and ethos of the label while alluding to our methodology and conduct. We strive to live by our motto: We will have heart, we will be noble.

2.) Tell me a little bit about yourself. What were you doing before setting up your own jewellery company?
I’m quite a creative, expressive person but I also very much enjoy the practicality of business. While its enormously satisfying to design and produce something of value and beauty, its equally fulfilling to sell it, perhaps even more so. Artists & designers are looking to communicate, to make an impact, and when others recognise and identify with the values you are creating, its enormously inspiring and validating. Before Heart & Noble I had the good fortune of running the production department for a very talented British jeweller. The experience was enormously valuable, and I am hugely grateful for having had the opportunity.

3.) Wolf and Badger is your first stockist. What is the process of finding the right retailer to represent your brand?
We’ve been very fortunate, Wolf & Badger are truly incredible and provide a really brilliant platform for emerging designers.
Finding the right retailer can be quite a process, but if you have a unique product, a viable business plan and a strong sense of your brand’s identity, you will fit the right fit. Look for exciting prospects, and be open to collaboration, you learn so much through experimentation.

4.) You are in the process of setting up Heart & Noble in NYC, what are the steps you have to take to ensure the move is successful?
Immersion! A new city requires new head space. I can’t assume that what has worked in London will work in New York! While I don’t intend on losing any of our brand identity, I feel the success of Heart & Noble will rely heavily on how we position ourselves in the US market. 

5.) What are the most and the least enjoyable aspects of setting up your own business?
At the start up phase its likely that you will be involved in orchestrating or managing every aspect of your venture; from designing your business model to creating the final product. While its enormously satisfying to ideate and create something from the bottom up, its a huge undertaking. The best and worst parts of running your own label: you are responsible for everything.

6.) The jewellery industry is highly competitive and continually pushing for new ideas. What makes Heart & Noble stand out from others? What makes your company unique?
Heart & Noble has a unique objective: to design conceptual, commercial jewellery of superb quality. I’m very interested in the notion of sustaining history while injecting modernism into my creations. Heart & Noble stands out as a sophisticated, innovative brand that combines elegance with a cutting edge aesthetic while never compromising on craftsmanship.

7.) Provide a little insight in your creative and technical process. 
Creativity is an exploration that requires practise and patience. Its about submersion and then giving yourself space to digest. Brian Eno articulates the creative process quite succinctly: “It quite frequently happens that you’re just treading water for quite a long time. Nothing really dramatic seems to be happening, and then suddenly everything seems to lock together in a different way. It’s like a crystallisation point where you can’t detect any single element having changed.” Technically, a designer experiments and iterates, you have to prepare for a lot of trial and error; it’s a matter of constantly crunching and refining until you know you’ve struck gold. 

8.) What is your favourite piece from your collection?
I’m really enjoying my menswear at the moment, there is something extraordinarily satisfying about putting on a pair of cuff links. 
But I do savour the evenings that call for something a bit more substantial, Cable Tie Unit 1, my largest gold necklace feels pretty extraordinary, I relish wearing it.

 9.) What are the biggest obstacles to overcome?
I don’t think there’s necessarily a “biggest” obstacle, or at least I haven’t experienced it yet. As an entrepreneur, being faced with obstacles is constant. I think you just get better and better at firefighting. As long as you are able to stop, assess and pivot, you can survive and blossom.

10.) What one essential piece of advise would you give to aspiring independent jewellery designers?
ONE? Impossible. Be analytical, explore constantly, seek advice, get out of your own head. Passion will fuel you and pioneer your designs, but it can also cloud your judgement. Believe in, and exercise “the reality check.” Be honest with yourself; remain fearless.

Visit her website  


Rock It! Vibe Harsløf's Modern Hybrid Handbrace

Tuesday 26 November 2013

A modern and edgier alternative to the bracelet-ring chain combination; this Vibe Harsløf's gold plated handbrace from her Vespertine collection highlights the current non-existent correlation between jewellery, art and sculpture, morphing all three into a truly innovative, defined and playful piece.

Whereas the widely popular bracelet-ring chain; or otherwise known as hand panja, is described as traditional and delicate whilst verging on decoratively elaborate, this rare and rebellious version intentionally rewrites the rule book on existing body adornment and challenges a universally accepted preconceptions on jewellery being just pretty, normal and sparkly.

With Vibe Harsløf, it is better.

Visit her website

MADE LONDON Highlights 2013

Wednesday 20 November 2013

I've visited some truly wonderful events and fairs in the past year and they never disappoint. New discoveries and original creations are always anticipated and realised. With International Jewellery Week in Earls Court and Goldsmiths Fair in Goldsmiths Hall, the historical landmarks are befitting locations for these truly prestigious and important events, and with MADE LONDON being held at the stunning Holy Trinity Church built by Sir John Soane in One Marylebone, the significance continues.

Independent jewellery designers made a great turnout for this year's event. Here are my highlights:

Helen Noakes

Quirky, fun and humorous, Helen Noakes uses tiny miniatures consisting of animals, figures and objects. Upon closer inspection I was awestrucked by her whimsical and irresistibly adorable designs. My favourite pieces are the Beside the Seaside bracelet, which cheekily plays upon conformist activities on the beach, and the penguin drop earrings for its realistic glacier created in resin.  

Becky Crow

Becky Crow uses silver, copper, gold and cut-out effects to create her beautifully handmade and versatile 3D illustrations that are mysterious, pensive and mildly gothic. The Campfire brooch/pendant from the Stories and Eternity collection (above image) is contemplative and thoughtful; allowing the wearer to conceive their own story.

Lesley Strickland

Inspired by weathered natural forms and sculptors of the 1950s, I was drawn to Lesley Strickland's use of cellulose acetate for her jewellery collection. These almost-translucent materials creates fluid and natural curving effects like no other.

Emily Nixon

Emily Nixon's visually appealing pieces are inspired from her hometown in West Cornwall where the coastline is her main source of inspiration. She sees intricate details in everything; the fabric-like twists and folds of seaweeds, the varying contours of pebbles and objects washed up to the shore everyday. Her collection pays tribute to the wonders of our British coastlines that we haphazardly take for granted.

 Henrietta Fernandez

Pretty, elegant and bold; Henrietta is influenced by patterns and simple organic forms. Her collection is clean, precise and ultra- modern; a positively non-fuss jewellery. A subtle statement for the wearer who wants to keep things simply minimalistic.

Sarah Straussberg

Sarah Straussberg's collection pays tribute to cubism and its emphasis on angles, shapes and clean lines; a sculptural-inspired collection that wouldn't look out of place in an art gallery. She uses black resin encased with brushed matt surface on the gold for added texture and individuality. My favourite is the multiple Bella ring above; why waste time stacking rings when you can have one made earlier?

Yuki Sasakura

Yuki's background in metal welding has inspired her inventive and mechanical designs. She is inspired by the Japanese technological advancement and the English historical culture and applied these elements into a positive spin.

Mark Nuell

Mark Nuell's stunning variety of sapphires is not something I've come across often. The lack of facets on the gemstones reveals their translucent beauty. Using 18ct gold and silver with a brushed textured finish; romantic decadence comes to mind.

Sophie Stamp

Described as an interactive jewellery experience; Sophie Stamp focuses on the beauty and movement of hidden mechanical components thus creating wearable pieces to interact with. We tend to subconsciously fiddle with our jewellery and Sophie made it even more of a temptation by creating movements. She sees the beauty of what is normally perceived as mundanely functional and convenient.

Rock It! Slither and Ballin' with Paula Mendoza Jewellery

Friday 15 November 2013

I absolutely adore this modernised eastern mystic-inspired collection that has a blending richness of South American influences. Paula Mendoza's signature bubble jewellery is an unforgettable discovery of cutting edge appeal with attention-grabbing aesthetics. These little balls of 24ct gold plated collection slithers up and around your body that can adapt to any shapes and sizes. 

An ultimate outfit transformer.

Check out her website


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