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Noritamy at London Fashion Week

Wednesday 26 February 2014

In the summer of 2013 I stumbled across a necklace that I could only describe as a long rectangular sheet of gold metal with a huge dent causing the metal to distort. It seems inconspicuous for some but for me I thought it was wonderfully sculptural, artistic and minimalist. From then on it became one of my newest favourite jewellery brands.

So I was especially delighted when Noritamy were being showcased in one of the designer showrooms during London Fashion Week. It was an opportunity to see the collections up close and better still, to try their beautiful pieces on.

The first thing that caught my utmost attention was this vast, meteoric gold-shard ring with a single diamond in the centre, which has wowed me beyond words. With its rough organic textured surface and jagged yet smooth edges it looked like something you would find tumbling down from the outer space. Another huge favourite of mine was the fingerless black leather glove ring that dramatically transforms an outfit, creating a darker, edgier and cool look. Of course, it would not be a complete trip without trying on the rectangular gold plated dented necklace (one day...).  

Noritamy was founded in 2009 and came into prominence almost immediately with their one of a kind collections. Designed by jeweller Tammar Edelman and Architect Elinor Envi, there is a fascinating encounter between jewellery and architecture, seamlessly combining the two trades together in a dramatically sophisticated yet classic way. 

Their pieces does command attention when worn, but then you would not have it in any other way. 
Photos by KemM

Rock It! Emma McFarline's Graffiti-Inspired Pendant

Friday 14 February 2014

Widely viewed as anarchic and anti-social; graffiti can be perceived as an expression of freedom and individual artistry, where the streets we walk does not prompt the feeling of deja vu in every corner we turn. 

Inspired by the beauty of the urban environment, Emma focuses on creating jewellery that are not deemed too precious or with added value, provoking and questioning our conditioned presumption on how society assess material value.

The truth is, it can be found anywhere.

The Valentine Edit: My Picks

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Chocolate, roses, candlelit dinners, jewellery... traditional Valentine gift ideas but nothing beats receiving a piece of jewellery created by your favourite jewellery designers that are unique, elegant, bold and individual. Here is my top 10 investment picks for this Valentine season and beyond.
Using the method fossilised plastic, this pink hydrangea cuff by Sue Gregor is beautifully feminine and elegant. 
Time and love goes hand in hand with this engraved time gold ring by Cpt Jewellery
The Renaissance Rebel II hoop earrings by Rosie Sanders Jewellery
represents opulent, power and neoclassical couture.

Stunningly organic and textured pebble Band Ring by Ros Millar made from cuttlefish casting in soft rose gold. 
Almost hallucinated from the cosmic brilliance of this asteroid box bracelet by Only Child.
This Rose Golden ring by Smith/Grey awakens natural curiosities and unlock fairytale imaginations.

These bloom earrings by Sian Elizabeth Hughes has a unique origami/mechanical aesthetics whilst maintaining its subtle elegance at the same time.
Add an extra quirk in your life with these pink mirror lips drop earrings by Jennifer Loiselle. Fun and whimsical.

This Rolex Chain Necklace by Iosselliani is richly bold with a vintage fair. The marquise pink stones adds femininity to this statement piece.

Inspired by the bad queens of fairy tales, these sweet black heart earrings by Rosita Bonita are embossed with floral designs for a softer edge to an otherwise edgy cool adornment.

Rock It! Bam-B Double Grip ANUKET RING

Thursday 6 February 2014

This season is all about being intentionally incomplete! This double claw sterling silver ring by new London brand BAM-B is calling out to me in a way like no other; this is a season's MUST HAVE if you prefer minimalist yet bold (with a touch of attention-seeking element) jewellery. 

Edgily feminine, you won't be able to help but wear this every. single. day.

Deliberate Layers By Aes Ornamentum

Monday 3 February 2014

These Aes Ornamentum necklaces were worn with favoured regularity during my sunny trip abroad last September, particularly on the beach and during evening dinners. I love the casually structural repetitiveness to create these layering effect without appearing too overburden or overcompensated. Light as air and strung together with waxed cotton cord; these hollow brass tube necklaces can be continually layered until, well, there's no space on your neck left. The geometric tubes scatters in random fashion that makes it so versatile and enjoyable to wear.

The geometric layers overlaps each other with deliberate carelessness and in a tangled-like manner. Layering shouldn't be neat and precised, it should be worn to create your own care-free individuality.

 Visit her website
Images: My own

About the designer

Jackie LeTarte first founded Aes Ornamentum after attempting to create necklaces for herself that isn't overly bling and attention-seeking as she wears very little jewellery. Once she started playing around with shapes and materials the possibilities are endless. She realized how many women out there are desiring unique, affordable, everyday jewelry that is neither precious or flashy.

  More about this etsy feature

Aes Ornamentum is the fourth of my new exciting collaborative project based on etsy boutique owners concentrating solely on independent jewellery designers. The designers I've have chosen are all unique in their own way and everything is completely made by hand.


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