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Rock It! Diaboli Kill Lilith Gold Bar Ring

Wednesday 23 November 2016

 Diaboli Kill is a definition of luxe-noir, revealing the darker side of luxury to a niche audience. Her source of inspiration is rather unique and diverse, channeling her Egyptian ancestry, interest in occult movies and the spirits of old Hollywood into her contemporary line, and throw in the influences of art deco and archeology and you'll get an intriguing and opulence signature pieces in the making that are clearly identifable as Diaboli Kill. The 14k Lilith gold bar ring is inspired by minimalism and sculpture that elegantly suspends over the hand with a bezel set white diamond that adds a touch of subtle glamour and sophistication. The piece hangs in a perfect balance, both conceptually and figuratively. 

But why hang in a balance when you can tip over to your inner darker side?

/Jewellery Crush/ Sorelle Aria earrings

Thursday 17 November 2016


  Inspiration: Relationship between classical material and modern forms

Style: Contemporary elegance, timeless, single earring trend

Earring: Dropped hoop wire earring 


Rock It! Elizabeth Humble Fragile Landscape Ring

Monday 7 November 2016

 Inspired by the incredible filmic scenery of the rugged landscape in the west coast of Scotland, Elizabeth Humble's Fragile Landscape ring features fragmented linear structures influenced by coastal erosion and natural rock formations hidden beneath the surface of the land, evoking the ever changing qualities of the natural landscape. The designer create intricate structures in precious metal to capture the natural elements by developing a unique technique of layering silver wires together, giving them a contemporary twist and resulting in a futuristic luxe aesthetics as well as a sophisticated edge. 



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