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Jewellery + Body Correlation: Evelie Mouila

Friday 30 May 2014

The intimate relationship between jewellery and the human body is laid bare with French jewellery designer Evelie Mouila's Juliette collection. Here, the jewellery neck pieces acts as a function, finding creative ways to interact with the body and highlighting the sensuous aspect of the female form.

The collection place huge emphasis on the shapes of the body and the ability to create new lines and contours, highlighting unknown linear qualities of the human body. Mouila formulate connections that we don't normally associate with jewellery. 

The versatility of hair allows the neck pieces to take various forms, whether to create geometric shapes, definitions or bunches. The intimacy of wearing this jewellery is something we can only feel.

Distorted [Perception/Impression] By Margherita

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Seldomly, for all intents and purposes, creative geniuses and original ideas derives from a happy accident, a mistake. Whether or not they would admit this publicly is their own prerogative. However Lebanon Jewellery designer Margherita Abi-Hanna uses this inspiring occurrence to create a rather unique story.

 Distorted collection was borne during what was initially a routine production process of a ring from the previous collection Jewelry and a Half. Whilst struggling to extract the metal from its mould, the ring twists and warps as it gradually hardens. The result? The distorted version of the original ring. 

Inspired by architectural lines, minimalism and geometry, the collection rightfully takes centre stage of the wearer, with the hands subconsciously following the perceived movements of the ring in a collaborative waltz. 

Symbolically the collection represents the distorted view of our reality which is often warped by extenal influences where identity can be lost, unless taken to an unpredictable and non-comformist path. Like individuals, each ring is unintentionally created with its own unique imprint; unfollowing original idea and method. It is important that our perception differs from the next individual, allowing us, as Margherita puts it "to create our own experiences, circumstances, knowledge and preconceptions."

Barely There: Violetfly Jewellery

Friday 23 May 2014

 These trio of delicate bangles and rings by Violetfly designer Katie Poore are just the perfect style medicine for the impending summer months. The fineness of the jewellery allow us to pile on more without appearing too overburden, the hammered texture effect and geometric shapes fulfils our current obsession for simplistic linear modernity.   

This summer I am going for something that is barely there.

About the designer

Jewellery designer Katie Poore started Violetfly after years of working and studying in the Baltimore jewelry making community. She runs Violetfly from her farm in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains right outside of Charleston, West Virginia. She feels fortunate to find the thing she enjoys the most; designing and making beautiful, delicate wearable art. 
  More about this etsy feature

Violetfly is the sixth of my new exciting collaborative project based on etsy boutique owners concentrating solely on independent jewellery designers. The designers I've have chosen are all unique in their own way and everything is completely made by hand.

Rock It! Francesca Grima Pixel Heart 51 Diamond Necklace

Wednesday 7 May 2014

An intriguing combination of digital imagary and fine luxury jewellery, Francesca Grima's pixel heart necklace cleverly adapts the hardened edge of modern technology that inspired this collection into a jewellery that is feminine, elegant and romantic whilst maintaining its contemporary appeal.

I admire the cascading effect of the princess cut diamonds onto the blackened gold metal. As well as a pixel effect, it also reminds me of the raining digital code. 

It's rather hypnotic.

Rock It! Polly Wales Perfectly Imperfect Eroded Rings

Friday 2 May 2014

Aesthetically described as imperfect, the eroded rings by Polly Wales creates the impression of precious metal rolled in an array of rough cut gemstones in varying shapes and colours for intentionally random positioning and to ultimately form a rough luxe effect, conceptually highlighting society's obsession with absolute perfection where photoshopping is the norm, falsifying reality and unrealistic expectations. 

Perfection is obsolete. This natural collection symbolises intrigue and questions that remain unanswered. It surpasses the surface and scratch deep into its personality, story and unpredictability.

For me, this is what I would call perfectly imperfect, like us all.


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