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Girl with a: Pearl edition

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Edgy, modern, cool, inventive...

Not words normally associated with the world's oldest gem. However, the perception of pearls being overtly traditional and stigmatised as a preferred jewellery staple for the older generations has been thoroughly challenged by cutting-edge contemporary jewellery designers where they collectively breathed new lease of life to the timeless and lustrous gem. Pearl jewellery are re-imagined, updated and fashionably trendy. Here are my top ten picks: 

Jane Kønig

Described as adventurous, whimsical and rock-ish at the same time, Jane mixes the old with the new. Favourite: Pearl earrings in sterling silver.

Aesa Jewelry

Distinctive and sculptural, Aesa Jewelry has elements of contemporary and ancient aesthetics in each of her rustically crafted pieces. Favourite: Short thorn with pearl studs.


Antipearle was inspired by Markéta Dlouhá Márová's passion for the marine world, with her jewellery collection taking form of deep sea creatures - jewellery hybrid. Pearls features predominately in her jewellery collection, softening the 'savagely-looking' and 'brutal punk-ish' theme. Favourite: Fang silver ring.

Holly Ryan

The destination for everyday jewellery ideals, Holly Ryan core objective is stripping down everything to its barest essentials and create a timeless and wearable collection suitable for any occasion. Great for casual dressers and those who think they're non-jewellery wearers. Holly's collection is  uncomplex and natural at its finest form. Favourite: Pop drop earrings. 

 Ryan Storer

A cult brand with a huge following, Ryan Storer's collection is aesthetically effortless and minimally feminine. Concentrating particularly on clean lines and understated finish, the jewellery has a dramatic allure and deliberate boldness that stands to attention. FavouriteBroken choker with pearl. 

Sarina Suriano

Still find it hard to believe pearls can be paired with any outfit? Check out Sarina Suriano's wonderfully glamorous yet conceptual pearl collection worn with quiffed hairstyle, fishnet logo top and  smart blazer. The oversize pearls are a perfect match to understated or outrageous outfits. Favourite: Crystal orbis dark grey pearl crystal necklace. 


Using jewellery in a visually narrative form, Smith/Grey instantly drew me in with their curiosity evoking and imaginative Pearlgatory collection. The jewellery is a collection of stories waiting to be told and allowing you to run away with you imaginations. FavouriteThe cardinal ring. 

Amber Sceats

Heavily influenced by travel, art and architecture, Amber Sceats pearl collection has a distinctively glamorous appeal with a subtle hint of feminine innocence. Favourite: Pearl bar earring.

 Gold Philosophy

A grandmother's pearl jewellery collection is a source of inspiration for Gold Philosophy founders Ting and Katy Lee. The DiMare pearl collection takes the classic and tradition nature of pearls and updated to a contemporary/edgy vision whilst maintaining its core philosophy; timeless, elegant and feminine. Favourite: Black onyx pearl bangle


Sophie Bille Brahe

Sophie Bille Brahe is influenced by poetic elements, innovation, the unexplained and reflections in precious materials. The La Pyramide De Perles collection is created through her fascination with Egypt, the pyramid and its meaning, Cleopatra's lavishness mixed with a more modern fare such as Las Vegas, Elizabeth Taylor and TLC's hit song Waterfalls. Favourite: Croissant de perle earring.


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