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/Jewellery Crush/ Bjorg Treasured Dreams Ring

Saturday 24 November 2018

Inspiration: Treasures, magical powers, gems and champers, relics, rare beauty of imperfections, Nordic soul
Style: Rough and precious, raw, playful, nature, organic
Ring: Sterling silver and sapphire glass ring, rose-cut diamonds

Rock It! Annie Huang Sense of Belonging Bangle

Saturday 13 October 2018

The quote every piece of jewellery tells a story is applied in a literal sense in Annie Huang's Sense of Belonging bangle. Highlighting the importance of narratives in jewellery making, life stories from individuals are etched onto metal within multiple layers, to be translated by the wearer or the wearer ask the designer/narrator to share the meaning of the story, creating a personal and intimate touch of the collection. The burnished edges and lines of the bangle depicts the depth of human emotions and explores the concept of acceptance and belonging to oneself.   

The bangle's imperfection and raw autumn textures resembles the branch on a tree, as if on the verge of peeling, symbolising the vulnerability of nature, but the fact it is still intact also represents the toughness of the bark. This analogy also applies to human nature.

/Jewellery Crush/ Welfe Lost Emerald Ring

Saturday 15 September 2018

 Inspiration: Celebration of absence, lost and found treasures, symbolism, longevity of time, sculptural forms
Style: Imperfection, textural imprint, organic elements
Ring: Oxidised sterling silver with green sapphires

Rock It! Adam Henderson Diminishing QR Code Ring

Saturday 28 July 2018


 "The jewellery acts as a concerned over-bearing mother to the world. Nit picking at its flaws and issues but offering no real alternatives, these flaws range from the serious to the trivial but are never meant in a scornful way, they come
from a loving place"


– Adam Henderson


Adam Henderson's bold and intricate Diminishing QR ring represents the hesitant and puzzling nature of societies approach towards modern day issues with the intention of encouraging viewers to be consciously aware of the socio-cultural world around them. His core objective is not about altering mindsets or personal opinions but rather for the wearer to debate the tough subject matters at hand.



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