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/Jewellery Crush/ Toyah Perry Fossil Ring

Thursday 24 September 2015

Inspiration: Beauty of simple geometric forms, Brooklyn and Melbourne cities
Style: Imperfection and unconventional, geometric, organic
Ring: Sterling silver handcrafted ring made from a casted pine bark chip 

Rock It! Macha Jewelry Rockwell Ring

Monday 21 September 2015

 Upon closer inspection of this edgy sterling silver ring there is an unique twist; instead of a traditional gemstone occupying the classic setting it features a solid silver centerpiece carved to resemble a weathered rock to give an illusion of a rough facet. It reminds me of old folklore tales and fantasy fiction where petrification occurs - turning people into stones. 

 Macha Jewelry is known for tearing up the rule books of jewellery making to re-invent and develop innovative conceptual adornment. The objective is for jewellery to have a laid back feel, flippant casualness and with a rock 'n' roll mentality. This ring is certainly ideal if you're looking for an alternative engagement ring that will have people gawping the same way as they would with diamonds, purely for its awesomeness.

/Jewellery Crush/ Clara Jackson Contour Slice Rings

Sunday 13 September 2015

Inspiration: Architecture, travel, urban culture, rock formations in mountains
Style: Simplistic elegance, contemporary, timeless, organic, jagged peaks
Ring: silver textured slice ring


/Jewellery Crush/ Janika Jewelry Hera Necklace

Friday 11 September 2015

Inspiration: Geometry, architecture, family
Style: Minimalist, contemporary edge, simplicity, balance
Necklace: Brass Collar with marble pendant hanging 10" from collar. Gold Filled Cable Chain

Highlights: Sydney Jewellery Fair 2015

Thursday 10 September 2015

JAA International Jewellery Fair was held in Glebe Island at the magnificent metropolis of Sydney, just minutes from the spectacular Darling Harbour and Anzac Bridge. With more than 180 exhibitors consisting of manufacturers, suppliers, fine jewellery brands, fashion jewellery and independent contemporary designs, there were enough variety to charm and excite visitors whilst also remaining intimately modest for the opportunity to cover every inch of the room to satisfy your jewellery thirst, ensuring that you don't miss out.

This exhibition was also an opportunity to see Australian jewellery brands I've come to admire since arriving in Australia just under a year ago. Although there is a general consensus that contemporary jewellery in Australia is better known for its earthy, symbolic and bohemian-inspired designs due to the country having one of the best weathers, natural beaches and free spirited style, it is not surprising that it has developed a cult following on an international scale. However, if you delve deeper into the Australian jewellery scene we are also seeing modern, minimalist, edgy, quirky and innovative designs emerging whilst keeping its identity.

 Moving forward, I've selected five of the best Australian and international jewellery brands showcased at IJF.

Ichu Jewellery
Ichu's inspiration comes from the exotic beauty of South America, with the name referring directly to the versatility and creativity in the fine detailing of their designs. By using precious metals such as sterling silver the brand strives to stay truthful to its South American influence. 

I admire the stylish, industrial-chic collection that is bold yet minimalist at the same time. The cut-out, contoured and wrap effect creates a softer, more feminine adornment.

Aaron Shum Jewellery 

If you visit the website of Aaron Shum Jewellery you'll find that for each of his collection he becomes an astute storyteller (or daydreamer) that really allows us to embrace and connect to the inner beauty of his collection. The Flotilla collection consists of black rhodium metal gracefully combined with small sparkling diamonds that appears to 'float' on a mysterious black backdrop, telling stories of a small fleet of ships to the starry night sky that reveals inspiring stories of myths and legends.

Aesthetic is important when it comes to jewellery, but sometimes it is the story that really counts.

Bianc Jewellery  

Bianc Jewellery conjures up a dream jewellery cabinets of curiosities; as you open each one you'll be repeatedly surprised by how different one collection differs from another. In a sense, Bianc Jewellery is everything you need in accessorising for different occasions. Want to go for instant glam? Choose the Bel Noir collection for sophisticated glamour. Feeling colourful and sweet? Choose the Lustre collection. In a minimalist mood? The Briller collection is perfect for the subtle invisible jewellery trend or stacking as many jewellery as you could possibly want.

Karen Walker

 An epitome of affordable luxury, Karen Walker's objective is to create jewellery for modern times, where your best jewellery is not saved for special occasions or sitting in your jewellery box, you'll wear it with your faded jeans and untamed hair while doing your normal coffee run. Karen Walker represents the kind of jewellery that you'll buy for yourself because you earned it. 

The Botanical collection is gorgeous and whimsical where you can combine the visual awe of flowers and jewellery close to your heart.

 Midsummer Star

 Created by two free spirits whose worldly travels provides an essential source of inspiration. The exotic concoction of cultural discoveries, hidden gems and the innate love of untouched nature forms this wonderful collection of mystical, symbolic and eclectic adornment. 

Rock It! Linnie Mclarty Mettle Ring

Monday 7 September 2015

A definitive sculptural piece that is absolutely colossal on the finger, this ethically handmade and 100% recycled silver ring by award winning jewellery designer Linnie Mclarty will without doubt get you noticed, several times over.

In Her Words... Djurdjica Kesic Sapphire Transformations Ring

Tuesday 1 September 2015

"In the series 'Transformations' I was interested in exploring changes and shifts of form, from one piece to another and spanning the whole body of work. Pieces that start as the humblest and in the simplest forms transition into a range of formations where not one is the same. An element of change also occurs through a gradual and idiosyncratic way through wear. So the shift and change continues with the wearer".
- Djurdjica Kesic


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