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/Jewellery Crush/ Kattri Triple Dodecahedron Ring

Thursday 30 July 2015

Inspiration: Art, patterns, gemstones, geometry
Style: Geometric, architecture, simplicity,
Ring: 18ct yellow gold and black diamond ring

Rock It! Barbara Cotter Tilt Ring

Monday 27 July 2015

 You don't need a large diamond to make a ring stand out! Barbara Cotter's Tilt ring features a small uncut marine diamond in a rub-over setting on a substantially sized circular 9ct yellow gold centrepiece, it examines the concept of space, geometry and beauty. Her work also explores the physical and emotional experiences of life; that emotions have a physical echo in the body and this is reflected through the subtleties of form, texture and colour.

Barbara places greater emphasis on the relationship between the wearer and the adorned object, making its wearability just as important as its aesthetics. 

/Jewellery Crush/ Burcu Okut Balance Onyx Ring

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Inspiration: Nature's organic beauty, chaos of urban landscape
Style: contemporary, minimalist, lines, curves
Ring: Sterling silver textured black pearl ring 

Body Modification: Adi Lev Design

Wednesday 15 July 2015

 Vamp-ish, sensual and darkly intriguing, Adi Lev's design philosophy derives from the taboo attraction of the forbidden worlds of body modification and fetishism, evoking a sense of danger and innate curiosity of the darker self. 

The Shape of Ink collection creates jewellery for the most unusual of places, yet they are areas most commonly used for jewellery; mouth, nose, ears, neck and arms, however the collection depicts jewellery that evolutionise the whole concept of adornment, accentuating or creating new areas of the body that was previously unnoticeable. Visibly lethal and weaponry, the collection forms a sharp contrast to the natural curvature of the female form, forging a rather menacing yet intimately intimidating aesthetic.   

The geometric and minimalist collection features jewellery hovering just above the surface, creating a complex three-dimensional structures to the contour of the body that symbolises its unlimited potential.

Adi Lev certainly revamps the whole concept of wearable ideology.

/Jewellery Crush/ Rachel Jones Speckle Frame Necklace

Monday 6 July 2015

Inspiration: Modern architecture, classic, traditional, repetition
Style: Simplicity, sleek, contemporary, conceptual edge, functional
Necklace: Oxidised sterling silver with sprinkling of 18ct yellow gold speckles


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