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/Jewellery Crush/ Anu Tera IRON CAGE BRACELET

Thursday 26 November 2015

Inspiration: Dark fashion, underground rocker
Style: Darker aesthetic, moody, edgy, gothic luxe edge
Bracelet: Vegetable tanned leather cuff with wrought iron piece made by meta. Black brass clasps at back

The Perfect Tear: Zohra Rahman Unsent Letters

Monday 23 November 2015

"Unsent Letters illustrate the words which could have been spoken, the letters which could have been written and the correspondences which could have been sent."

- Zohra Rahman 

Is handwriting becoming slowly obsolete? In the era where communications are typed, tweeted, texted and blogged, it is fair to say the illustrious period where handwriting is a form of art and inner expression is being replaced with pre-selected fonts provided for us. Although words are used to express opinions, feelings, grievances and thoughts, sometimes visuals speak louder than words, especially through the means of wearable art.

Ripped pieces of gold and white papers forms Zohra Rahman's unique collection. These scraps of paper are torn up, wrapped, and folded on various parts of the body to become personalised adornment. Her collection aims to capture everyday life moments that are so fleeting, may ultimately slip away unnoticed. 

/Jewellery Crush/ Arlia Hassell Granule Ring

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Inspiration: Environment, experimental design, beauty of the unexpected, found objects, unspoken messages
Style: Organic, rustic, moody
Ring: Recycled Sterling Silver ring, scratched oxidised finish

Scratch the Surface: Metalurj Jewelry

Tuesday 10 November 2015

 Inspired by the bustling sights and sounds of New York City as well as the materials she works with, Metalurj designer Jill Herlands creations are what I would keenly describe as distressed metal luxe; darker aesthetics but with a hint of rebellious glamour. Many of her pieces are also inspired by the raw and creative lifestyles of rock musicians she has worked with. 

Blackened, scratched and unaligned, Metalurj explores one of my favourite themes in jewellery design; deliberate imperfections and the enhancement of the material's own raw beauty. The individual gemstone adds a touch of subtle femininity to an otherwise unisex collection. 


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