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Urban/Nature Love-In with Adriatic Jewelry

Friday 3 January 2014

 A story is a core ingredient when it comes to creating a piece of jewellery. From ideas to sketches and design to product; the laborious yet satisfying stages are a story in itself.

Adriatic Jewellery founder Rebecca Fragola uses her past, present and future to create pieces that has sentimental importance and a continuous narrative. Her inspiration comes from a contrasting combination of architecture in New York City where she is currently based and the beautiful Adriatic Sea where she spent her summers on a small island. 

The tall, sky-scraping buildings in New York City is used for its form and structure to create elongated and clean lines stacked together, symbolically emphasising the intimate closeness of the buildings and its people in New York City. The tiered piped ring also has a small element of the Adriatic influence with its organic tone and clean texture. Or possibly, the ring is inspired by the elongated area of the Adriatic Sea nestled in a cove between Italy and Croatia. 

 There is an accidental/subconscious deliberation of taking my images by the beach and Rebecca's images in an urban area. The ring worn alone by the beach represents the vastness of the never ending sea, a view undisturbed and uncluttered to reveal its natural beauty entirely on its own. Whereas the images taken in an urban area with a collection of jewellery worn represent the closeness of everything in New York City, hence the rings, bracelet and necklace being worn altogether against dark clothing; a representation of shadows and silhouettes being over-casted by skyscrapers. 

My favourite item out of the whole collection is certainly the tiered piped geometric ring in brass due to its clean lines and simplicity of it all. It has a feel of a statement piece due to its size yet at the same time it is wearable everyday; it does not feel like a ring that cannot be worn for certain occasions and  situations. This is possibly the sole purpose of it all. Jewellery does not need a reason. 

Images: Mine and Rebecca Fragola

About the designer

 Rebecca Fragola uses recycled metals (brass, silver and copper) and unique gemstones for her handmade jewellery line. She has a BFA in metalsmithing and is always trying to learn new techniques to expand her line. Her Australian Shepherd Shelby is always in the studio to keep her company. 

To check her website for more pieces please visit 

  More about this etsy feature

Adriatic Jewellery is the third of my new exciting collaborative project based on etsy boutique owners concentrating solely on independent jewellery designers every fortnight. The designers I've have chosen are all unique in their own way and everything is completely made by hand. 

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