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Rock It! Conservation Of Matter X Ring

Wednesday 26 July 2017

 With a creative background in theatre and dance, Conservation of Matter's founder Kyla Katz delivers drama and movement to the pieces she creates, finding beauty in the stark language of geometry that is otherwise viewed as industrial and raw. Here she pushes boundaries in jewellery design to create a look of boldness that defies tradition. Approaching jewellery as an art form, each piece created acts as a miniature sculpture and as art adornment, designed to initiate an intimate conversation with the body. What is so particularly unique about Conservation of Matter is one would immediately assume that the collection is brainstormed and pre-planned meticulously until the desired outcome is achieved, however she actually produce on an improvisational basis; the design emerges during the making process as the lines, angles and textures slowly reveal itself. She values a sense of discovery and the unexpected surprise element of jewellery, and we all echo the same vein of thoughts.

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