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/In Her Words/ Angela Ciobanu Scratch Beauty Ring

Monday 10 July 2017

"My interest in contemporary jewelry appeared as a natural change of scale that I initially had the chance to experience in the larger, dimensionally speaking, context of architecture. 

Therefore, I started making jewelry applying the same creative process I used to refer to in architecture, but my work has slowly moved from geometrical patterns and mathematical algorithms, deeply imprinted on my mind, to a more experimental approach. 

My jewelry mirrors my fascination with imperfections, with surprising details placed in apparently conventional shapes and I never cease searching for a certain unexpected strength that lies in fragility and lightness.

“It is the imperfection in things that surprises and attracts our perception. Our imperfect and asymmetrical construction will endlessly filter beauty through senses which unconsciously search for scratches in perfection."

- Angela Ciobanu

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