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London Fashion Week 2014 Revisited: Visual Diary

Monday 29 September 2014

 From geometrics to fine jewellery, new exhibitors and newer discoveries, here are my top jewellery highlights from the Designer Showrooms and Rock Vault during London Fashion Week:

1. Kirstie Maclaren sleek and stylish geometric jewellery including the Neave collection
2. Shimmel and Madden Prism ring in Rock Vault curated by Stephen Webster
3. Anna Byers perspex geometric cuffs from the Hex and Hex II collections
4. Mei Li Rose Sphere and Linear collections
5. Kattri Dodecahedron ring from the SS15 Volumes collection
6. Rachel Boston ancient symbol-inspired rings from the Rune  
7. Lily Kamper

8-10 Noritamy Tephra neckpiece and bracelet sets
11. Kasun London fang bangle
12-13. Mei Li Rose tribal Nomad cuff
14. Ruifier rose gold Icon ring
15. Kasun London gold claw collar
16. Ruifier
17. Rachel Boston Runes collection
18. Maya Magal
19. Pheobe Coleman Love Me Tender, Midnight Love collections
20. Anna Byers Heron necklaces
21. Phoebe Coleman
22. Mei Li Rose Nomad cuff

23. Kasun London Vampire Bite rings
24. Lily Kamper column pendants
25. Ruifier 

Photos: My own


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