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Tutti Frutti with Jennifer Loiselle Jewellery

Thursday 10 April 2014

Forget overhauling my winter/spring wardrobe for the unpredictable summer season, my jumpers and black overalls are here to stay. However I do like to wear a little something extra that would at least be celebratory when the sun finally comes out from the never-ending cold/smog/cloudy skies. A name not unfamiliar to most jewellery lovers around the world, Jennifer Loiselle's baubles are the ultimate jewellery staples for fun, cheery and quirky accessorises that brightens up even the most stubborn winter outfits. 

I had the pleasure to conduct a quick Q&A with Jennifer and sample a few of her newest collection 'Tutti Frutti', a notable nod to the bakelite jewellery and art deco era. The theme of summery tropical fruits are just bursting with wonderful colours and are good enough to eat. 

My favourite piece? I eat everything from the fruit salad bowl let's just put it this way.

Your collections are what I would describe as fun, quirky and most definitely colourful. What inspired you to create your signature pieces?

If there's any common thread running through all my pieces it would probably be an odd mix of Pop Art and Art deco influences.
Metal is arguably the most commonly used material for jewellery making, what made you decide to use alternative materials? 

Obviously I’m a huge fan of colour so I was drawn to materials like ribbon and perspex where there’s a huge variation in shades and colours. I find perspex especially inspiring as there are also so many interesting finishes – mirrored, frosted, translucent, and my personal favourite glitter (I love anything that sparkles).

Tell us about the moment you started making jewellery and your thoughts at that time.

I started making accessories when I was on maternity leave selling handmade headpieces to friends and family. Someone suggested that etsy would be a great way to test the market to a wider audience, so I listed a handful of items. I'm not sure how it happened, although I think luck had a lot to do with it, but I received quite a bit of blog press through etsy and the original headpieces developed into a range of jewellery and it's all spiraled on from there in a very organic, natural way.

Back to memory lane, can you remember your first ever client and what was purchased from your collection?

My first client for my jewellery was the lovely Rachael Lamb, owner of  Edinburgh store, Hannah Zakari . She’s great at championing new independent designers and has been very supportive from day one!

Is there a jewellery brand you look up to most and why?

Probably Alexis Bittar –  our aesthetics are very different, I think he has created such a strong and visual brand, definitely something I aspire to.

How do you relax when not making jewellery?

You're spoilt in London in terms of cultural experiences; I try to keep up with as many exhibitions and gallery shows as I can; I enjoy browsing Junk shops and Car-boot sales in the summer so I can fill up our house with more random clutter. Hanging out and drawing with my 5 year old daughter.

Your website, collections and even your postcards are eye-catching. In fact everything just 'POPS!' Where is it influenced from?

I’ve been really fortunate to have worked with some great artists and graphic designers, including Peggy Wolf and Lou Taylor, for my lookbooks and web images -  it really is all down to them in translating my vague rambling briefs into their genius creations.

If there is a brand or a person you could collaborate a new collection with who would it be and why?

Got to say my favourite artist, Yayoi Kusama – I hope to be still making and creating when I’m her age.

This might be tricky but which piece is your favourite? What do you personally wear all the time?

I am very fickle; I'll wear one piece solidly for weeks until I have to put it away for a long time. Currently on high rotation are my pineapple earrings - I’m already dreaming of summer and the tropics

Photos by: KemM

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