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Deliberate Layers By Aes Ornamentum

Monday 3 February 2014

These Aes Ornamentum necklaces were worn with favoured regularity during my sunny trip abroad last September, particularly on the beach and during evening dinners. I love the casually structural repetitiveness to create these layering effect without appearing too overburden or overcompensated. Light as air and strung together with waxed cotton cord; these hollow brass tube necklaces can be continually layered until, well, there's no space on your neck left. The geometric tubes scatters in random fashion that makes it so versatile and enjoyable to wear.

The geometric layers overlaps each other with deliberate carelessness and in a tangled-like manner. Layering shouldn't be neat and precised, it should be worn to create your own care-free individuality.

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Images: My own

About the designer

Jackie LeTarte first founded Aes Ornamentum after attempting to create necklaces for herself that isn't overly bling and attention-seeking as she wears very little jewellery. Once she started playing around with shapes and materials the possibilities are endless. She realized how many women out there are desiring unique, affordable, everyday jewelry that is neither precious or flashy.

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Aes Ornamentum is the fourth of my new exciting collaborative project based on etsy boutique owners concentrating solely on independent jewellery designers. The designers I've have chosen are all unique in their own way and everything is completely made by hand.

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