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[Theme] Understated Elegance

Friday 30 August 2013

     Zoe Chicco 14k horizontal baguette ring/Holly Ryan X Baston      
  triangle + star earrings/Zara dress with hip seam/Mirlo Lariat  
  baguette necklace/ASOS Heartbeat heeled sandals/Zoe Chicco 14k 
  pave open tears cuff

I was browsing on Zara the other day (as you do) and saw this beautifully delicate dress that has an element of innocence attached. It is understated yet elegant, it just needs a few personal touches to make it individual and tailor to you. I'm not much of a fashionista between you and me but I do feel accessorising is based on gut instinct rather than pain-stakingly planning an outfit. I look at this dress and I immediately think of gold jewellery (the dress is shade ecru and according to wiki it is greyish-pale yellow or a light greyish-yellowish brown). I personally would go for dainty verging to being almost invisible but you know it's there; it's different; it changed the outfit. 

Zoe Chicco's baguette ring She has perfected the everyday concept of versatile and classic pieces. The dainty horizontal baguette ring is something you could put on...and leave on.

Holly Ryan's earrings Mix and match with these triangle + star studs to give this outfit added playfulness and contemporary twist.

Mirlo's necklace Because of the deep neckline the lariat necklace creates an enticing dip into the bust-line and accentuates the necklace. Mirlo's an up and coming jewellery brand check them out.

ASOS sandals I just adore these sandals! Very chic and elegant with a hint of boldness.

Zoe Chicco's cuff Adds a contrasting glamour to the outfit, a little bit of sparkle doesn't do much harm at all.

Any jewellery designers you recommend that would complement this outfit? Get in touch x

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