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Rock It! The Immortalisation of a Swan: Origami Jewellery

Wednesday 7 August 2013

5. Let's be frank, we've all tried to master the traditional art of Japanese paper folding with either sterling success or abject failure. This evolving modern art form has now been intricately immortalised in gold and silver jewellery by Paris duo Claire and Arnaud, founded in 2008. The animal origami evokes my childhood memories of early creativity, siblings competitiveness and endless frustration when the animal origami doesn't resemble as such.

These are worn with a sense of childhood glee and possibly encourage me to grab the nearest bit of paper and get the creative juices flowing again.

Photo 1-8 Origami Jewellery  
Photo 9 Boticca 
Necklaces by: Origami Jewellery

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