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Brushstokes | Lady Grey Jewelry

Tuesday 8 May 2018

 For Lady Grey Jewelry inspiration comes from the most unlikely sources such as the flawed and the incomplete, yet they transform such influences into flawless ingenuity and imperfect beauty, an underlying hint that the necessity to finish a piece of jewellery to achieve innovative results is a rule that most certainly requires to be rewritten.

The Brushstrokes collection is hand painted and cast in bronze using a distinctive technique developed by Lady Grey. One of the most eye-catching and playful pieces is the Louise ring where the brushstrokes appears to float on the finger when worn, or accidentally getting paint on your hand at initial glance. Another favourite of mine is the Gwendolyn earrings (meaning 'white ring in Welsh) a playful twist to the asymmetric trend with its mismatched brushstrokes in high gloss rhodium finish, its undulating strokes catching the light and glimmers at every tilt, twist and turn. 

Often, the simplest idea is a stroke of genius.

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