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Out of the Sea: Karolina Bik Jewellery

Thursday 7 January 2016

 "Emotion, Story, Relation. It is not clearly visible at first sight. This is where wearer has to see, feel, hear or experience it" - Karolina Bik

 I was completely awestruck upon the discovery of contemporary artisan Karolina Bik's jewellery collection. Inspired by the innate curiosity of nature, Karolina carefully absorbs all its energy, forms, colours, processes and intricate details to create a truly stunning work of wearable art where beautiful imperfections are fully immersed and embraced. Somewhere down the line our respect for nature has slowly disintegrated by humanities own selfish needs, the relationship between human and nature become a battle of survival. Karolina's objective is for us to understand the importance of nurturing our environment and the creation of her work allows the wearer to reconnect with nature at an intimate level and cherish the beauty associated with it.  

One of my favourite pieces from her collection is the Scoria ring inspired by the structure of volcanic rocks. The surface of the ring is oxidated into deep black colour and splattered with 14k gold on the surface with a singular gemstone of your choosing. Another favourite is the Out of the Sea collection that explores Karolina's fascination of the deep and mysterious life in the ocean.

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