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Spatial Wonder: Osnat Har Noy Jewellery

Tuesday 12 August 2014

'You can't criticise geometry, it's never wrong'

- Paul Rand (Pioneering Graphic Designer)

 The allure of mathematical perfection and exploration of confined space is curiously narrated through the means of wearable art. Award winning Jewellery Designer Osnat Har Noy's marvellously minimalist geometric collection harbours evoking curiosity of the modern environment.

Urban architecture provides the source of inspiration and knowledge. Captivated by large scale designs at its barest form before completion, its simple structure leaving just the lines, space, angles and shadows forms the core of her creations. She also explores the concept of confined space, both public and personal, allowing keen observer to argue whether the representation of space applies, or actual confinement due to the lines surrounding that inner space, creating a false sense of illusion.

My particular favourite has to be the large black geometric ring covered in black powder coating with a brass base beneath. Its formidable size is rather bold yet minimalist at the same time, cleverly achieved by the spaciousness within the area. The geometric rings were designed in a way to create an illusion of them floating above the finger. It is fun, experimental and conceptual.

That's the beauty of geometry. 

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Photo: My Own

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