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Seeing Double

Monday 10 March 2014

My current obsession with double finger rings knows no bounds this year. Wonderfully creative and conceptual, it is the inspirations behind the pieces that makes the rings, a treasurable keepsake with wonderful stories. From glamour to the unconventional, classic to modern edge, punk to understated elegance, these designs caters to your specific tastes and needs. Here are my current favourites:

 Gina Melosi
//Shattered Fragments//Double Finger Ring

Not for the faintest of hearts, this ring mimics the broken glass shard fragment. Highlighting the contrasts between delicacy and roughness, the ring is alchemised from a potentially hazardous object into a gorgeously minimalist wearable art.

Fiya Jewellery
Double Ring in Pink Gold

Inspired by Ottoman designs, this looping double ring is wonderfully elegant and sophisticated. It combines modern design with the spirit and mysticism of Turkey. 

Delfina Delettrez
18kt Gold Double Ring with Ruby Lips and Band    Fun, playful and unashamedly sassy, personal individuality shines through with these glamour/punk double sparkling rings. Inspirations comes in a delightful concoction of travels, culture, dreams, passions and experiences, allowing you to interpret your own version at will. 
Double Glow Ring

Cut out fluorescence yellow and blue plastic to add a neon glowing effect. Inspired by the starry skies as well as the luminous signs that lit the skies in a stunning array of colours. 

Joanna Dahdah
Double Loop Ring

Looks stylish when stacked together in different tones, the double looping ring is inspired by everyday beauty, unconventional aesthetics and unique craftsmanship.

I Can't Seem to Get Rid of the Horses knuckleduster double ring

I enjoy reading their whimsical stories and fairytale inspirations. This ring is influenced by the designers own childhood memories and fantasies of wild horse adventures.

Eva Fehren
Moonstone & Diamond Double-Finger Cigarette Ring

Delicately feminine with a modern sharpe edge. She draws inspiration from the industrial, architectural and geometric elements of her native New York, by the glamour as well as the grit and roughness of the city that never sleeps.

Animus Jewelry
Snake Ring

I adore the simplicity of the S shape ring to form a thoroughly modern, punk edge and contemporary design, akin to a stylish spike armour. Inspiration comes from the tribes, natives and old cultures and obsolete weapons like spear and shields.

Maria Francesca Pepe
Double Rings

Inspired by art movements and avant-garde designs, these open double rings have femme fatale, 70s disco, romanticism, modernity and pop culture elements whilst adding a rock chic/punk vibe to any outfit.

Double Circle and Square Eternity Ring

Cutting edge and thoroughly original, MyriamSOS rings are inspired by modern architecture and the less is more philosophy. Fashion, architecture and sculptural art all rolled in one. 

 Faris Faris
Ladyknuckles in Silver Ring

Sleek and minimalist, the concept of the ring explores the complexity and simplicity of shapes whilst maximising the impact of minimal materials.  

Maria Black
Double Harper oxidised Two Finger Ring

Edgy punk chic with a hint of street style groove, this gun metal ring is so fine and dainty that even an abundance of layered Harper rings is not enough. For those who prefers minimalist and understated designs.

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