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Please Be a Thorn In My Side

Thursday 3 October 2013

"Once you lose the joy in making handmade things, they become plain mass production.” 

-Andrea Simic, MIRTA Jewelry

 This sentiment certainly rings true to all creative individuals and differentiate those that are independent thinkers and shakers to the mass produced outlets. Mirta's passion and dedication is clearly reflected upon her work and the understanding for originality and simplicity, our desire for something a little extra special.

 Her background in architectural and industrial design is fused with nature-inspired shapes and forms, breaking it down to create clean and defined pieces of wearable art. Everyday objects is also an influence such as a vase or a chair; utilising her surroundings to its full potential. By using oxidised sterling silver in majority of her work; gothic minimalism comes to mind.

The oxidised thorn trio point rings (seen above) are so versatile with a subtle hint of playfulness that methods of adornment are limitless.  

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Images: Mirta Jewelry


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