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[Theme] Hell for Leather

Monday 23 September 2013

Moxham X Three Floor Falco and Rhino cuffs/Closet skater dress with faux leather peplum hem/Margherita foldaring/rositabonita Heart triplet necklet/Miista Alka black leather shoes

Okay so I wear black. A lot. From the age of 12 when I was finally given a free rein to select my own clothes that weren't hand me downs, black was my colour of choice. It wasn't because I was going through a phase or was a goth/emo/biker/rock-chic wannabe, I wasn't too worried about colour coordinating my 'look of the day' as my peers were. It felt comfortable, safe and in my personal opinion, black looks better on me (much to my siblings disgust).

If I am going to stick to one colour I would diversify my options by wearing different materials, introducing leather for instant. It changes the monochrome outfit from drab to stylishly adventurous and fashion forward.

Moxham X Three Floor cuffs Bold statement cuffs to draw attention to any outfit. I love how fiercely chunky they are.

Closet dress Break up the all-in-one leather combination with just a starring role at the flared hemline. This dress is flattering and girly which is not how you would normally describe leather. It works.
Margherita ring Playful and experimental, the green edging and metal screw adds a unique touch to the ring.

RositaBonita necklet Attached to a gold chain to create a classic yet contemporary feel. Cute floral designs for a more feminised look.

Miista Chunky heels are all the rage these days so break up the girly dress with these heels for added spontaneity. 


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