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Light up my Life: Allumer-esque

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Inspire. Stack. Collect. Create.

Natasha Leith-Smith's humble beginnings is certainly one to inspire and depicts an untold story of love, friendship and sharing. 

What originally started off as a handmade bracelet gift to a best friend (with a little help from a friend of a friend who ended up blogging about the bracelet in fashion bible Vogue) turned the brand into a wildfire of worldwide recognition and award winning-triumph,  and right there and then, Allumer was born...

    The classic friendship cord bracelets is one of Allumer's earliest creations and my absolute favourite. Delicate, dainty and playful, the ability to select and create your own combinations allows you to cater for your own personality types and personal preferences. Allumer's clever interchangeable charms and a wide variety of colour cords makes each bracelet unique, original and entirely your own. And also, obsessively collectable.

What first drawn me to Allumer is the versatility of all the collections available on her website. You can turn the necklace into a bracelet, take the charms off from the bracelet and layer it on to your necklace and vice versa, layer or wear it on its own depending on your mood. The feeling is that you are buying not just one piece but of several. 

The cords comes in a rainbow of colours, my particular favourite are black, brown and royal blue as it suits everyday outfits and occasions. You can choose a cut-out of your charms (flame, heart or plain) in either 9ct rose, white or yellow gold and a pendant shape (in pill, rectangle, oval and flame). The matchbox packaging is original and appropriately symbolic to the definition of Allumer, meaning to light up in French... As for the match...that's another blog post and another story.  

Ahh options aplenty, I'll be playing with the combinations before deciding with a purchase. The choices are limitless.

Please visit her website and take advantage of the 10% discount when you first sign up 

9ct rose gold heart cut out charm in rectangle with pink and brown classic cord
9ct yellow gold flame shape with flame cutout in black classic cord

9ct yellow gold pill shape charm in black classic cord

9ct white gold rectangle charm in red classic cord

Image from, who called it 'a Rolls Royce of friendship bracelet'
Images from

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